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    EVA high foam market prospects how?

    Foam material is a new, Chaoyang never decline material. With the advance of time and product development and application, EVA high foam will be more widely used in the packaging and filling materials used. EVA EPE EPE foam box current production, has been more developed in the Pearl River Delta, the use of the material has been more common in all walks of life, and the production and use of this material to obtain better economic efficiency of enterprises, the achievement is quite remarkable.

    Now the material production gradually extended to Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong and other provinces direction. But in fact been put into production lines companies can not meet the needs of the domestic market industries Moreover, there are many domestic provinces and cities in the blank areas in urgent need of this new material to fill the need for packaging and filling industry.

    Since the foam material EPE EPE is a new environmentally friendly packaging, filling material. Its superior characteristics, is increasingly being recognized, so its use will continue to expand and innovate. Especially in the packaging and other industrial materials side, it's better than the traditional timber performance, lower cost, higher quality, nice, the better. In addition, it is even more of its vast agricultural packaging in the timber.

    EVA in the end is what?

    Ethylene and vinyl acetate monomer as the basic raw material of EVA products in Shenzhen, and other accessories copolymer made of polymer emulsion by emulsion polymerization method. EVA boxes of ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer is an ethylene copolymer of the most important products in the country, according to which people of different vinyl acetate content of the ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin into EVA, EVA and VAE latex rubber. Vinyl acetate content of less than 40% of the products for the EVA resin; EVA material with different Shenzhen Shenzhen sponge material, vinyl acetate content of 40% --70% of the products are very flexible; flexible features, it will be the content range EVA resin sometimes called EVA rubber; vinyl acetate content of 70% - 95% range typically in an emulsion state, called VAE emulsion. VAE emulsion Appearance milky white or slightly yellow but foreign ships will be collectively referred to as EVA.

    EVA What is the principle?

    EVA plastic and is the same principle (to buy a bag of raw materials back into a roll or a foam of EVA) is like buying a bag of plastic material ABS plastic injection molded back the same.
    EVA box, there are two foam hair: 1, 2 closed-cell foam, foam opening.
    EVA Ottomans common closed-cell foam.
    Colors are white, often white on black, color, industrial, black more, less color ranking.
    C.EVA hardness: 25 degrees, 38 degrees, 45 degrees, 50 degrees, 60 degrees, 70 degrees, 80 degrees, commonly used in industry for the mat 38 degrees, 45 degrees. Double-sided tape: double-sided adhesive categories are divided into domestic and imported two properties into oil-based plastic, water-based glue, heat capacity of plastic, plastic-made dry: oil plastic, plastic water, heat capacity of plastic, OPP glue, etc.
    Imports: 3M adhesive, glue Sony, Nitto, such as plastic EVA Ottomans have good flexibility and abrasion resistance, air tightness, harmless to human body. Water resistance: Closed cell structure, non-absorbent, moisture, water resistance is good. Corrosion resistance: resistant to water, oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals, corrosion, anti-bacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting.
    Workability: easy to carry out pressing, cutting, gluing, laminating and other processing.
    Anti-vibration: elasticity and high tensile strength, high toughness, good shock, anti-skid, cushioning properties.
    Insulation: Excellent insulation, thermal insulation and cold temperature performance, resistant to cold and exposure.
    Sound insulation: closed cell foam, sound insulation.
    Environmental protection: EVAE non-green and environmental protection are two, and now the vast majority of EVA products are environmentally friendly, safe to use.

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